Friday, July 15, 2011

A little scared...

So yesterday morning I went to the chiropractor.  My mom is a DC, so I have been getting adjustments most of my life.  I've not gone as regularly as I did when I was younger as a personal choice.  I believe in the benefits of chiropractic, but as someone who has been so many times, I don't feel that I need it as much anymore.

That said, my mom urged me to go.  I went without much hesitation... I say much because there is one tool I didn't want him to use on me.  As soon as I entered, I told him of my pregnancy, and he agreed to not use the 'vibracussor' (which usually feels so good, but I feared it might shake peanut loose!)  He did however, do several sacrum adjustments on the drop table.  I didn't stop him because I am so used to letting these chiros do what they need to.  I feel in retrospect like I should've SAID SOMETHING!  I am now fearful that I've done some damage or even stopped the heartbeat!  I know this fear is pretty irrational- since the adjustment wasn't violent or out of the ordinary, but it's still in my head.  So, I'm writing about it to get it OUT of my head and heart.

Next Wednesday is my first appt. with the gyno, so I'm sure there will be another ultrasound to quell my fears.  I HOPE!!!!

Praying for everything to be ok.   Goodness.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog this week. :)
    I'm so sorry you have this worry. I'm sure no damage has been done, but I totally get the worrying. When I was pregnant (ended in miscarriage but it was nothing I did, rather a genetic abnormality) I worried about every little thing, from having a turkey sandwich by mistake (my list of foods to avoid has lunchmeat on it) to driving on a bumpy dirt road one day and being afraid I dislodged the baby. Ugh...the worries are so hard.
    Good luck at your Wed. appt!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Kristen! I'm sorry about your miscarriage. I need a list of foods to avoid- I only know a little bit, like raw fish. Everyone is telling me it will be fine, so I'm learning to trust.